Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting (5E & Pathfinder)

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Battle undead and demonic horrors ravaging post-apocalyptic Earth 25 years after the Rise. DnD Fifth Edition (5E) & Pathfinder RPG.

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Gen Con Updated!
over 6 years ago – Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 02:47:50 PM

Hello Survivors,

For those of you making the trek to Gen Con 50, we hope you made it into one of our game sessions. If not, please feel free to stop by and say hello. We'd love to shake your hand and talk about safe zones to meet up post-Rise.

Below is a finalized schedule of our booked out games. Even if you aren't attending, take a moment to congratulate yourself for helping put us on the map. Fourteen 4hr game sessions between Pathfinder and 5E, all booked with full tables.

One change... Chad Matson is unfortunately not able to come run our Pathfinder games for the weekend. Instead, yours truly will be holding down the PF event all weekend. See you there!

Gen Con 50 AtR Schedule
Gen Con 50 AtR Schedule


Donaven | CEO
Rusted Portal Games

Apocalypse the Risen Progress!
over 6 years ago – Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 09:59:56 PM

Hello Survivors!

We are starting to hear questions on progress and realized we've been WAY too quiet! Truth is, we are working our asses off over here on this game and Gen Con prep. We have been running Pathfinder playtests through level progression as well as 5E class and bestiary development. Not to mention, run through playtest of the Gen Con 5E game which is SICK. No, I mean really, who comes up with these horrific encounters?!? What about the Pathfinder Gen Con game you ask? We've got that one dialed in from a few months back as well! Seriously, don't leave the colony, it isn't safe out there.

Pathfinder Development:

PF is getting the majority of the attention as that system is the first scheduled for delivery so that will be the focus of this update. We have identified 13 chapters plus the "Intro to Surviving" and "Intro to Running" AtR chapters. Chad has moved to a remote outpost and churned through final build on the seven heaviest chapters needing work, including the vehicle rules. Word of advice... be careful on scavenging missions when crossing intersections. There are silent and invisible objects traveling at high speeds. Vehicle "accidents" are not pretty. Also, wear your seat belt! 

We intend to work through final designs in August and go into full edit in September. We have agreed in principle with an awesome layout artist, Simeon Cogswell! He will handle both Pathfinder ('17) and 5E ('18) so we have a consistent feel. We are targeting hand-off of files to Simeon at the end of September/start of October. Check him out!

Our goal for Pathfinder has the printer receiving files at the start of November for a delivery of mid-December. We are tight and have a lot of work ahead of us. Gen Con adds a significant yet worthy challenge, and yet we are working hard to hold the line!

I can tell you with certainty that the playtest games have been extremely fun and enlightening. We've been playing this game for a while now; however, these games on near final design is really solid for dialing in the play balance. We know you'll see those results in the final product. 

Now, I know art isn't that important to you all... err, I mean, maybe the only reason you backed us! :) Right, so art is SUPER important to all of us and we have commissioned a number of additional artists for scenes and been working up some things internally as well. We get so excited seeing our crazy world come to life with this art. So, here's a little art update...

Alison has been diligently working on a variety of scenes showcasing locations around the world, including colonies and places of intrigue or downright scary. We are stoked to have her on the team and healing up well from the accident!  

Michael Rechlin showed us a little insanity in a Dr. Dobrin sketch: 


Good friend of the portal Joseph "Bear" Thompson gives you a (draft) glimpse into Paradox:

Paradox Ravager
Paradox Ravager

And Guillaume Ducos shows how a Progeny Maverick can take care of one of the most dangerous Embraced demons, a Purifier of Pride (also in draft):

Scene_Maverick vs. Purifier of Pride
Scene_Maverick vs. Purifier of Pride

We have a lot of amazing artists, writers, and designers working hard on making Apocalypse the Risen an amazing campaign setting. Keep a spot for us on your gaming schedule because we are going to deliver you one hell of a world.

We also hope to meet many of you at Gen Con. While all 14 of our game sessions are sold out (AMAZING!) please feel free to stop in and introduce yourself. We are stoked and humbled to make so many new friends.


Donaven Brines | CEO

Rusted Portal Games

Gen Con Games:
over 6 years ago – Sun, May 28, 2017 at 01:54:14 AM

For those attending Gen Con that haven't yet seen the Apocalypse the Risen games, I've listed the codes below in numerical order and by game. We had an error that needed to be corrected on the Pathfinder game which just went back live. Now good to go!

And if you've played in "A Feast of the Eyes" at a previous convention... rest assured, you will not be playing the same exact adventure.

PaizoCon is going very well, running 5 sessions of Pathfinder games (11th and 8th levels). We have a number of backers offering to be part of playtests. If you have a group that would be willing to run playtest games, let us know with a direct message.

Pathfinder – 11th Level  

  • RPG17121735 Apocalypse the Risen - A Feast for the Eyes  
  • RPG17121736 Apocalypse the Risen - A Feast for the Eyes  
  • RPG17121737 Apocalypse the Risen - A Feast for the Eyes  
  • RPG17121738 Apocalypse the Risen - A Feast for the Eyes  
  • RPG17121739 Apocalypse the Risen - A Feast for the Eyes  
  • RPG17121740 Apocalypse the Risen - A Feast for the Eyes  
  • RPG17121741 Apocalypse the Risen - A Feast for the Eyes    

D&D 5E – 7th Level 

  • RPG17105316 Apocalypse the Risen - A Hox & the Gentlemen  
  • RPG17105317 Apocalypse the Risen - A Hox & the Gentlemen  
  • RPG17105318 Apocalypse the Risen - A Hox & the Gentlemen  
  • RPG17105319 Apocalypse the Risen - A Hox & the Gentlemen  
  • RPG17105320 Apocalypse the Risen - A Hox & the Gentlemen  
  • RPG17105321 Apocalypse the Risen - A Hox & the Gentlemen  
  • RPG17105322 Apocalypse the Risen - A Hox & the Gentlemen


Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

Status Check-In:
over 6 years ago – Sat, May 13, 2017 at 10:00:12 PM

Hello Hunters!

Okay, so one of our primary goals will be to keep you updated at least a couple times each month. We will include information on Apocalypse the Risen progress, events, and an overall temperature check on Rusted Portal. You are the lifeblood of our company so if we can do anything to make you feel more a part of that, just let us know. 

Backerkit Survey & Pre-Sale Campaign:

We are still working out the details on the Backerkit surveys. We have several backers that either added funds for the Colony Designer add-on or expressed a desire to do so for Backerkit. Outlining that process before we launch it is key to keeping that section of the project on track. 

The other hurdle is tackling international shipping for add-ons. A heads up on that front, we are likely to include an initial estimated price for international shipping/VAT/etc. charges with the caveat that we will either increase or refund the difference at the time of shipping. We have carefully stated from the start that international shipping is a landmine that can blow up a small company. We are tackling it head on to reduce that cost wherever possible, just giving a heads-up for our backers that it affects.

Drop Dead Pre-Sale Kickoff: 5/25/2017

Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting:

We have officially received the Kickstarter funds and are churning away on the overall book content. Thank you for your generous support!

Last week I completed the outline for exactly what content will be included in the book (pending page count/editing). With this outline we identified the additional art needs and have started contacting artists to commission additional pieces. We know you are going to dig the illustrations for various colonies, Darklands, and some combat scenes. Frankly I can hardly contain my excitement to get those pieces done!

We also intend to include more creatures in the bestiary than the 18 currently unlocked. The additional creatures will be Darkland and Purgatory creatures and plants. I use the term “plants” loosely. For those that met the Siren Pine during the 2016 Con season understand. You guys are going to have so much content to get those campaigns rolling!

Our focus is heavily on finalizing the Pathfinder version to get that into production. A couple work back schedule dates below for your longer-term reference. We intend to work in pre-production drafts in PDF for backers during the process. Our first pass with no art will be once we are ready to hand off all content to the editor. Our goal for that first sneak peek will be the beginning of July. We would love to have some backers ready to run playtest groups throughout July/August.

Delivery to Layout Artist: September 1st

Final Layout to Printer: October 6th

Target Delivery to Backers: December 15th (earlier as possible)

Upcoming Events:

PaizoCon – Rusted Portal’s own Chad Matson and Jason Stolberg will be running 25hrs of AtR Pathfinder games! All the sessions are booked up in advance, which is awesome! If you are attending, stop by and say hello. We would be happy to meet you!

Gen Con – Apocalypse the Risen is official! Chad and Jason are running 56hrs split between Pathfinder and 5E respectfully. How about that for celebrating the best 4 days of gaming in the world!

Baby Demon – Reidpocalypse is patiently waiting for his progeny to spawn from the lower realms. This is the first spawn for Reid so wish him luck! Sometime in the next few weeks should bring on the little demon child. Light help us.

Special Request:

Send some positive thoughts to Art Director Alison Hinch who was in a terrible car accident last weekend. Thankfully her kids only have some bumps and bruises and Alison is home with family. She did come out of the accident with some pretty terrible breaks and will take some time to heal, so all the good energy and positive thoughts her way is appreciated.

Alison wanted to make sure we let you know that there should be no impact on the game development. Of course, I told her to take her pain meds and go back to sleep. Family first!

As always, if you have any questions you can message us directly, post a comment, or hit us up on social media!


Donaven – Rusted Portal Games

over 6 years ago – Tue, May 02, 2017 at 02:22:45 PM

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