Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting (5E & Pathfinder)

Created by Rusted Portal Games

Battle undead and demonic horrors ravaging post-apocalyptic Earth 25 years after the Rise. DnD Fifth Edition (5E) & Pathfinder RPG.

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Upcoming Goal: Journal Entry!
over 6 years ago – Tue, Apr 04, 2017 at 11:51:26 PM

Hello Backers!

Congrats and great job continuing to build this campaign. You have unlocked the Templates Galore stretch goal and we're just a few hundred from unlocking the next goal. As a teaser, check out the art below from stellar artist Raven Mimura. Raven will be illustrating all 9 of our class iconics. I even hear we'll have a special interview with him as we release art for another of the iconics. 

Adventure Level: The Journal of Dr. Dobrin is a collection of entries from his travels, adventure hooks, world notes, overall game lore, and story ideas for playing in AtR. This next stretch goal adds entries for the Maverick, Jackal, and Splicer iconics. 

Note that the Antiquity backer level will receive iconic build sheets with every detail for these awesome iconics!

  • Ruby - Progeny Splicer 
  • Gideon - Human Maverick 
  • Finder - Human Jackal (Finder Path) 
Class Iconics: Splicer, Maverick, Jackal
Class Iconics: Splicer, Maverick, Jackal

Keep the signal boosts going and spread the word. We have a full 22 days remaining!  


Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

Upcoming Goal: Templates Galore! ($11,000)
over 6 years ago – Sun, Apr 02, 2017 at 08:56:17 PM

Hello Backers!  

Yesterday was an exciting day clearing the first of many goals. We are funded and ready to roll, so I wanted to take a moment and tell you about the first stretch goal coming up quickly at $11k. And by quickly I mean less than $200 away!

Campaign Level: Templates Galore! With this stretch goal we will add some awesome content to the campaign setting book. Below is a top level look at how these race and creature adjustments affect game play.  

"Mutated" and "Corrupted" are alternative racial features for players and NPCs. These modifications may be added at character creation or applied later.  

Mutated: Mutations are caused by Darkland energy. All of the flora and fauna within a Darkland will eventually mutate, typically sooner than later. This risk is true for player characters traveling through any Darkland. The longer you stay, the greater the risk. Mutations can be cosmetic, minor, or major. Cosmetic includes things such as leopard spots or extra digits. Minor examples include Adrenaline Boost or Gills. And Major mutations include such changes as a Demonic Eye or full blown Wings. For every two minor or one major mutations, you receive a hindrance such as Blood Hunger or Bruise Easily.  

Corrupted: The Darkness infects, spreads, grows. The very nature of the Darkness is plague on your soul, playing on primal instincts of living sentient creatures. Corruption must be accepted. Doing so takes in a sin nature from the Darkness, and with it some physical benefits. But that Darkness represents an embraced demon growing inside. 

Risen Templates: Starved, Bloated, Mutated, and Infested - modifications to creature builds to customize your games.

Starved: Some unlucky Risen haven't fed on the living for an extended time, causing their bodies to deteriorate and weaken. 

Bloated: Other Risen just finished off the neighboring colony! These Risen and stuffed full, leaving scat behind where they travel. Attacking these foul beasts is even more dangerous as they splatter with impact.

Mutated: Risen can also become mutated by Darkland energy. These mutations differ from those of the living, creating a variety of terrible changes in the undead.

Infested: As if battling the living dead wasn't bad enough, some of these creatures have become infested with grave worms. Yuck!

We hope you find these additions compelling and look forward to providing even more surprises. Keep up the amazing work and we will keep spreading the word. Tomorrow starts a great opportunity to see this Kickstarter really climb!

Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

Social Media Goal Unlocked!
over 6 years ago – Sun, Apr 02, 2017 at 06:39:58 PM

Congrats, Backers! 

We have officially passed the 100 backer tracker and unlocked the first "Truth Transmission" recording. These recordings will be professionally produced and acted in the voice of "Truth", the post-Rise ham radio operator spreading the Light.

We know ambiance, setting, and narrative makes a great campaign world. The Truth Transmissions will help set the mood for a game session, provide adventure hooks, and get everyone at the table into the unique post-apocalyptic fantasy horror world of Apocalypse the Risen.

Throughout the course of this campaign you can unlock up to 40 recordings. The first four are pretty easy, we should hit those should the campaign just coast along. But we don't want that and neither do you. This is a social media campaign after all! So we invite you to make us work. 

You are in complete control over the hashtag usage and can greatly influence the Facebook page likes and Twitter followers. In fact, by doing that you are likely to increase the backer tracker and with it additional stretch goals.

This is your colony, build it strong!

Short Written Sample of a Truth Transmission

Thank you!

Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

over 6 years ago – Sat, Apr 01, 2017 at 11:12:38 AM


Our backers could not be more awesome! Thank you for pushing this campaign over the goal so early. This provides some great opportunities!

We have a full 26 days remaining to build on this momentum and start chewing up stretch goals to provide you an even more incredible Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting, a sizable Journal of Dr. Dobrin, rich and compelling recorded Truth Transmissions, gorgeous Scavenge Maps, dangerous and fun one-shot adventures, and some even more killer hidden stretch goals. 

Our request: Spread the word. Many of our backers have played in AtR at local conventions or met us in your own games. If you fall into those categories, we would encourage you to comment on the Kickstarter about your experience. If we haven't met but you've either played in the sample adventure or just downloaded the material and see that it brings something new to the table, share it out on social media, message boards, and with your friends and fellow gamers. Kickstarters are successful for indie developers because of amazing backers like you that yell at the top of their lungs that this new thing is cool. 

Our Promise: We will deliver you a deeply developed campaign world you will love to explore. We will stuff this campaign book full of amazing and terrible places and creatures to experience and battle. We will build on this campaign through future products and expand AtR through the Worlds of the Portal. If you are attending Norwescon, PaizoCon, or Gen Con this year (more to be added), join us to experience the game for yourself.

Great job!!!


Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

Closing in on 90% Funded!
over 6 years ago – Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 12:08:11 PM

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