Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting (5E & Pathfinder)

Created by Rusted Portal Games

Battle undead and demonic horrors ravaging post-apocalyptic Earth 25 years after the Rise. DnD Fifth Edition (5E) & Pathfinder RPG.

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Apocalypse the Risen 5E Compatible + SPINE Powered Campaign Setting
1 day ago – Sun, Sep 24, 2023 at 08:12:01 PM

Hello Survivors,

This is a short but sweet update to renew your hope in the battle against The Darkness of Perdition.

PDF Delivered Complete: As the last update, the pdf for Apocalypse the Risen 5E + SPINE Powered campaign setting has delivered complete. We see that many of you have yet to download your copy from Drive Thru RPG. 

Printer File Approval & Proofs: We are presently awaiting the printer to approve our files so we may order proofs. We anticipate approve this coming week (based on their past timelines). As soon as we have approval we will order proofs for immediate delivery. From there we anticipate being able to place our bulk print run. As soon as we know our printer's timeline for that bulk print we will alert you to a shipping timeline.

All three print options with the printer for Validation.

AtR Delivery: Rest assured that these books are coming and actually soon. We cannot wait to get them into your hands. And we hope you find a renewed love for your support of this project because supporting materials will be hot on heels of this delivery.

In anticipation of delivery, please make sure that you have updated your address on Backer Kit. Do this even if you were a Pathfinder only backer and think your deliveries are complete.

VTT Support: Rusted Portal is in progress becoming a Roll20 partner in order to better support your AtR gaming opportunities.

Fire Urchin (shunned Demon) in from the RP Games token tool. Hex tiles with faction color boarders.

Next Chapter of Apocalypse the Risen: In order to making starting a new campaign even easier, provide a bunch of new creatures, and faster play support, we will launch our next campaign after we have delivered this work completely.

About Rusted Portal: We were brand new, taking on a massive new multiverse and campaign setting for two different game systems. We believed it critical that the complete framework of that multiverse be included in your AtR Campaign Setting (and it is). Now with all of that architecture complete, we can build a massive setting for you to explore in whatever content you and your players can handle.

Next Up: Apocalypse the Risen 5E+SPINE Powered Setting Starter. Complex mechanics like Insanity, Mutation, and Radiation refit into a leveled Condition mechanic. A new set of PC alternates taking up the Hunting Party mantle of a fledgling colony, and a bunch of new creatures, are just a few of the GM and Player tool kit items included in the next offering. 

AtR 5E+SPINE Powered Setting Starter. Your next adventure, and our next campaign.

VTT Support Addition: As well as heavy Virtual Tabletop support. Here's a few more examples.

Skunk Hound, Native Darkland creature.
Siren Pine, Native Darkland Plant. GMs: This is your next TPK. :)

Thank you again for your amazing support and interest in Apocalypse the Risen. You make it easy to want to deliver the very best and deepest adventure material possible. Stay tuned for shipping details of the AtR core Campaign Setting in the next update.


Donaven, Rusted Portal Games

Apocalypse the Risen 5E Compatible + SPINE Powered Campaign Setting (PDF Complete)
19 days ago – Thu, Sep 07, 2023 at 10:25:08 AM

Hello Survivors,

PDF Shipping Complete: Just wanted to share some quick great news. We have finished distributing ALL 5E PDFs to backers and pre-sales. If you haven't already downloaded (and I know some of you haven't yet), check your emails from Drive Thru RPG to complete your download. I wouldn't want to keep this game out of your hands for a minute longer.

Proofs to be Ordered Soon: As soon as I have the Print on Demand export in my hands we will order quality check proofs. As soon as we get those in hand and approved the bulk print run will start. We are now very close to fully delivering your printed books.

Update Your Addresses: Check your Backerkit emails, log into your accounts and update your addresses as needed. Some of you will find your address locked. Send [email protected] an email if you need to update and cannot, we'll get it taken care of. When the proofs are finalized, we will lock addresses again to prepare for final shipment.

Backer who realized they didn't update their address before shipping: Terror Emote

GameHole Con: In October, Rusted Portal will be at Game Hole Con in Madison, WI running some classic Apocalypse the Risen adventures and enjoying our fist Con since Covid. We hope to see you there.

Post-Delivery, New Kickstarter in October: Stay tuned, things will be moving very quickly over the next month. Stay in the fight against the Darkness. Thank you for backing, your continued support, and most of all your steadfast interest in Apocalypse the Risen.

​Donaven Brines | ​​CEO​, Founder, Original Content Creator
Rusted Portal Games

Apocalypse the Risen 5E Compatible + SPINE Powered: PDF & Print Update
22 days ago – Mon, Sep 04, 2023 at 08:37:18 PM

Hello Survivors,

This is the update I have most wanted to send. The Apocalypse the Risen 5E Compatible Campaign Setting + SPINE Powered System is ready to distribute in PDF. 

In the coming days we will upload all email addresses into Drive Thru RPG and send a download link.  As soon as we have sent all fulfillment copies for download we will make the product live for the public.

BackerKit: I have just sent a notice to all backers to update their shipping addresses.

From the Shadows: Eyrachnid Shunned Demon

Print: Now that the PDF version is final and being distributed we anticipate an export for Print Proof ordering in the next couple days. As soon as we have that in hand we will order print proofs from Drive Thru. Approval of the Print Proofs will lead to a bulk print run.

Print Copy Distribution: Update your Backerkit shipping address, send us any email to [email protected] with any problems, and we will get your Printed Apocalypse the Risen 5E Compatible hardback shipped to you as absolutely soon as possible given printer and shipping timelines.

Allocation Plan: We will be updating backers of all print levels individually to communicate our allocation plan. As a general statement,5E+SPINE Powered is the system for the Apocalypse the Risen campaign setting. We will make right with all of our backers by ensuring you have a copy of the system AtR will continue to support. And backers who purchased both 5E & Pathfinder or the Leather bound version will also receive a special allocation. All of which will be fulfilled at the same time.

Famished Risen gets the pig

Content: The 5E Compatible Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting is a four in one book. You do not need any additional books to fully run an Apocalypse the Risen campaign. Thanks to WOTC All 5E SRD content relevant to running a 5E campaign is included in our book. We also include new Experience Tables for all levels, Treasure (Scavenge) Tables and Treasure Hoards (Caches). And as you already know AtR includes all our own unique monsters. And we rewrote and printed all 5E Spells usable in Apocalypse the Risen. This is a magic rich campaign setting and everything you need will now be at your fingertips.

Four Books in One: For Apocalypse the Risen you will no longer need a separate Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, or campaign setting. You have it all in the AtR 5E+ SPINE Powered Campaign Setting.

Hungry Risen leads the Herd

Ongoing Support: We will launch another crowd funding campaign in October after we have fully distributed your AtR 5E Compatible game. That will be the first of a long line of supporting products for this setting and system. It is for that reason that we are getting all North American backers this version of the game in some format equivalent to how you originally backed us.

Thank you, dear Backers. We appreciate that you have stuck with us for the long haul as we designed and produced a funny new multiverse and campaign setting on two very different systems. We learned a lot along the way, the most valuable of which is how great it is to have you in our corner. We hope you stick with us as we continue to grow and put out new content.

​Donaven Brines | ​​CEO​, Founder, Original Content Creator
Rusted Portal Games Colony

Apocalypse the Risen 5E+SPINE Powered
about 2 months ago – Sat, Aug 05, 2023 at 11:39:05 PM

Hello Survivors,

This is the closest thing to the update you wanted to hear. We have received the review draft of the AtR 5E+SPINE Powered PDF. 

Miscellaneous Magic Gear Start

 Our layout artist is enjoying Gen Con as I'm hopeful many of you are as well. Rusted Portal will certainly be back next year. 

Random Magic Brews, Drink Up

When Layout returns they will have in their hands our requested updates (minimal), work up the cover, and be able to export a PDF for Distribution and for assigning to a Printer Printer for Proofs.

Details on some Brews

We will first get printer proofs from DriveThruRPG (also where we will distribute the PDF). Depending on the time frame, we may get printer proofs from another printer as well.]

Random Magic Charts, including Weapons

This is all to inform you that we are now very close. Images included in this update are to show pages from the final chapter 13 Magic Items as well as the very last page of the book for an idea of how stuffed with content this book really is.

Wonderous Armor, All New to AtR 5E.

We will distribute the PDF to the email addresses on file. There will be a request from Backerkit to update your account for shipping as the print job gets closer.

All New Reaper's Breath wonderous item.

Stay tuned, stay close. We are just about there and we hope you stay with us for the long run. Future Kickstarter campaigns will be much closer to final before we launch. The content will continue to fill books for a long time to come. So we hope that content fills your tables with GM and players alike.

All New Imagination Guardian

 Thank you eternally for helping make Apocalypse the Risen a reality. Rusted Portal Games will stick by you with the same tenacity as you have stuck with us.

Final Page Count: 580. Page shows some random curse and oddity rolls.

sincere Thanks! 

Donaven Brines | Rusted Portal Games - CEO

Soon to be just you, me, and the Crypt Keeper. Cheers!

Apocalypse the Risen 5E+SPINE Powered
3 months ago – Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 08:41:43 PM

Hello Survivors,

I received a request from one of our faithful backers so I'm just dropping a very quick note to tell you where we are at presently. I've dropped a few screen captures of the layout draft PDF for your reference.

Enforcer Class Spread
Maverick Class Intro

Our layout artist is still working through the final chapter and 1/2 of this behemoth of a book. At the end of the day, AtR 5E is actually a larger and more complete tome than was the Pathfinder predecessor. 

AtR 5E is essentially your new Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual. This book includes EVERYTHING you will need to play and GM Apocalypse the Risen. This one book replaces all 3 other books. You will have all of the spells, gear, monsters, and magic items needed to enjoy a complete Apocalypse the Risen Campaign.

Limited Feats Spread
New Rules Intro

We have already received and provided notes on the first 12 layout chapters. We will do the same for the last 1.5 chapters very quickly once we receive the export. We are desperately pushing layout to have the PDF published before Gen Con, and to be on the printer's schedule at that time.

Spells Chapter Excerpt

You will be the very first to know when we hit that threshold. In the meantime, because we are at the mercy of layout finishing the campaign setting, we have written much of the next book AtR 5E+SPINE Powered Setting & System Starter. This next book provides new Ancestry options, 8 new playable classes, and 14 additional creatures. All intended to expand and further advance your AtR 5E+ Campaigns.

Planar Configuration Intro

Not only written, but we've also commissioned nearly all of the art for that book. We will be prepared to run a Kickstarter for that book AFTER we fully deliver on this project. This is to let you know that AtR will continue to be fully supported.

We will only run the new Kickstarter when we are ready for layout. We have learned how to do this better and faster going forward.

Vehicles Table Spread

The book that you have been patiently waiting for is the most complete, thoroughly designed, and fun Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting we could have hoped to bring to your table. And it's getting closer by the day. At page 503 as we await the last 1.5 chapters. Yeah, this is your monster.

Wendigo Full Spread

Thank you so much for your continued support.

We look forward to overdelivering on content and fun.


Donaven - Rusted Portal Games