Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting (5E & Pathfinder)

Created by Rusted Portal Games

Battle undead and demonic horrors ravaging post-apocalyptic Earth 25 years after the Rise. DnD Fifth Edition (5E) & Pathfinder RPG.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

AtR Campaign Setting Update!
about 3 years ago – Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 09:44:16 AM

Greetings, Survivors!

I don't know about you, but we're still over here wondering if this is still the darkest timeline but cautiously optimistic we're heading back into the light. Let's hope so, backers! Progress report incoming, brace yourself.

Backer Kit Address Lock: Some of you will have started receiving address update/lock notifications from backer kit. We will lock addresses over the next week. Please take some time ASAP and make sure your shipping address is updated. Let's be honest, some of y'all could have moved 6 times by now. #weknow

AtR Pathfinder Print: We have officially gone to press on Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting for Pathfinder! That's right, friends. One of two has officially gone to press. We will be drop shipping our EU+ backers after addresses are locked. Shipping for US & Canada backers will begin as soon as we receive the batch print at our distribution center. 

AtR 5E Progress: We understand you 5E backers may not care about Pathfinder. However, please take solace in knowing that we are diligently working, making progress, and actually producing the game we promised. And AtR 5E is doing exactly that, progressing. No group settings slowed down our playtest over the last year, no doubt Covid took it's toll. However, we are working hard and the 5E system version is shaping up even better than the version our convention players are familiar with. Added time means added design work. You are all receiving a bigger and better campaign setting for Apocalypse the Risen and the connected World's of the Portal multiverse than we sold. We appreciate your excitement, grace in our (as noted glacial progress), and eagerness to get your hands on this book. We want that too and most importantly want to be clear this remains a successful Kickstarter that will in fact deliver (physically and on content promised). Cheers to that, friends!


Donaven (always here) Brines - Rusted Portal Games

AtR Production Update
over 3 years ago – Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 06:00:54 PM

Hello Survivors!

I certainly hope this message finds you all doing well and staying safe. Things are nutty, it's almost like someone started breaking Seals, or all of them?. Nothing is easy today, but still we preserver. Speaking of which...

We hear you, there's interest in getting an update. You know me, I like to save these things for substantive updates rather than just blowing smoke up your skirts. And that's why I'm here today. Wait, no. For something substantive, not the smoke/skirt part.

AtR Pathfinder Print Progress:

We have gone through our 3rd iteration of digital review after the first print proofs. Everything looks golden, so today I have ordered a second (and hopefully) final round of proofs. We needed the cut edge and a few color issues corrected before we roll the full print run. I think we may be just there.

Print Proofs 2 Ordered

 Printing time is just under a week; however the shipping times being communicated are crazy town. It was like that with the first proofs which showed up within two weeks, so fingers crossed. I felt good enough about this round for making the corrections that I've ordered two copies each (premium, standard, and B/W). Provided each proof check out, we will make the full run within days. Here's how we'll use each version.

Standard: In reviewing the first print proofs, there are some things about the standard print that were surprisingly good. We feel good enough about this version we will eventually sell this print on demand. 

Premium: The premium color print is the highest quality paper and color saturation and what will be printed in bulk for our Kickstarter Backers. The cost is significantly higher per book and absolutely what you all deserve for waiting this long. Once delivered to backers, we will also make this version available for print on demand. That price will be significantly more than paid as a backer or during the pre-sale, and we feel good about that.

B/W: We are ordering this proof for the first time. I'm personally curious how this book looks in black/white. If we like it, we will offer this print on demand as well. 

Cover Wrap Capture

All of that to say, we are still working hard to get you delivered the highest and best for Apocalypse the Risen. I know many of you are eager to get this game going in your home campaigns. And others have been running what's available at digital conventions for the year. Know that we want that, too. We are working hard to make that a reality, as soon as possible.

AtR 5E Production:

As has been the case, AtR: 5E continues in production. We have a new editor lined up and ready to proceed. In addition to the above work, we have been mired in playtest corrections on the class builds. As previously communicated, this is critical to the design. Once (frankly) I'm convinced we have what we need addressed in those builds (to hold the flavor and balance we want), then editing will start and the rest of the book will be finalized.

We've already made multiple passes through the text for internal edits and design updates for significant improvements (thank you, Reid!). I don't have a better timeline at this point, but I will once I rubber stamp the classes chapter. When that happens (and when PF printing happens) you will be the very first to know.

Looking forward to engaging further once we deliver on this foundational part of our Worlds of the Portal multiverse. We think you will be happy with how we communicate and keep you involved into the future of AtR and other related settings and games. And as always, we do respond directly to anything that comes up. We are here. Watching. From the Darkness.


Donaven (it's my fault) Brines - Rusted Portal Games

Printing Update: Pathfinder
over 3 years ago – Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 11:16:04 PM

Hello Survivors!

I'm going to keep this update short and sweet. We have first proofs from our printer for the Pathfinder print run and we are stoked! There are for sure some corrections, so we will need another round. But we are very happy with the quality of the print and believe you all will, too. Of course, why tell you that when I can send some pictures and let you enjoy. You will probably note... she thicc!! :)

More to come when we get the next round, but we should be just a few weeks away from the full print run. Super excited to see this in print. Pour one out for the homies that had doubts. 

Thank you!

Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

Pathfinder Files to Printer & 5E Notes:
over 3 years ago – Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 07:07:29 PM

Faithful Survivors!

Greetings from the Rusted Portal Colony! We are still here, safe and healthy, burning the midnight oil to deliver the Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting products eagerly awaited. And why wouldn't you be eager, we like our game, too! :)

First and foremost, thank you again for your patience and encouraging interest. We've received a couple great reviews on the Pathfinder PDF and still have some awesome GMs that have managed many online games. This is why we are here working, because we love this industry and bringing some fun into the world. Stay safe and diligent out there, it's probably going to be bumpy for the next few months. If all goes well, we'll have more gaming in 2021 to makeup for some time rolling real dice!

AtR Pathfinder Print: Print ready files have been sent off to the printer. We passed the first digital ingest test and now await formal review of both the cover wrap and the full manuscript. Does that excite any of you as much as it does me? OMG! Fingers crossed, but even if there are some minor changes our layout mastermind Simeon Cogswell will be able to churn a new version around quickly. 

Once the digital files are approved, we will order proofs (two separate physical proofs) and start the process. Presently, printing is running about a month out with delivery slowed (I'm sure most of you see the news on that subject). Provided the proofs run quickly and we don't have major changes necessary, we should see the full run in December. 

We are using a different printer than previously planned due to the minimum order quantity for Pathfinder. This decision changes little and any backers it affected have been notified. We did just receive an RPG from another publisher that printed with this printer and the quality is solid. We feel happy moving forward with them and believe you will as well. Fingers crossed the next hurdles are quick and painless so we can get those proofs. Once we do, I will make sure to update everyone immediately.

AtR 5E Progress: All chapters of the book finished the initial build about a month ago. We are presently working through the book start to finish, looking for errors and making some redesigns. The goal of the redesigns are to make aspects of the game more distinctly AtR. We did the same thing with Pathfinder and believe it was worth the time. Two chapters are through that review and will be going off to the editor shortly. 

Chapter 3: Classes is under review and I am pushing a few updates to implement designs we have already introduced. Specifically, we will be maintaining the Justice Pool, Nature Pool, and Faith Pool mechanics for the Arbiter, Conservator, and Shepherd. The functionality will be updated for 5E, but the concept stays. Changes like this are a time setback but ultimately worthwhile in separating AtR from core 5E design. We've prided ourselves on not just reskinning systems, and we will continue to deliver on that promise.

Chapter 3: Classes and Chapter 12: Bestiary are the big hitters when it comes to these changes. So while these two will drag down the timeline, the others are functioning almost exactly as intended. In other words, we anticipate most of the book to be a quick review and handoff to editing.

This does put timing later than the November print goal we had hoped. However, in working with that printer we were informed there was not space on the calendar for that timeline. Ultimately, that was the justification I needed to press delivering a little bit more on the design front. I'm certain when you get this version you will agree. 

We will continue to make updates when there are major changes that need communication. However, know that we are still working hard on delivering all aspects of this Kickstarter. We have an artist and layout working on one of the adventures, updates being made to the existing to be released adventures, and more stories and adventures being framed out for later release. I'm thankful to have a team that can take on a project and lay the foundation for future success. On that front, we cannot wait to deliver the campaign setting and come back with AtR Expansion 1. We have so much content to add once you've had time to digest all the material crammed into the setting.

As always, feel free to reach out or comment as needed. And if we've asked you a question in email, please respond soon! We're happy to engage and attempt to support any GMs wanting to run playtests. To those that currently are, we owe a debt of gratitude and forever appreciation. Once we have an opportunity to transition out of heavy final production, we are going to partake of some games ourselves. We hope you do, too!

Enjoy the videos with some art from the campaign setting. 


Donaven - Rusted Portal Games

Apocalypse the Risen: PF & 5E Status Check
almost 4 years ago – Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 01:29:42 PM

Hello Backers, Friends, and Fans (All of whom we call Survivors!):

We hope this message finds you all healthy and well during these crazy times. The Rusted Portal team remains healthy and working to deliver all aspects of Apocalypse the Risen. We have been busy moving all aspects of the company, the Worlds of the Portal multiverse, and Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting material, forward to better serve your interests in enjoying these games. Below is a quick update:

Pathfinder Print: We remain unable to reach Paizo for license compatibility approval. We are confident we meet all of their requirements, which is why we released the PDF. However, we cannot go to print until we have their approval. We remain ready and available to sign the printer to contract and move this print forward as soon as we have that green light. Timing is ultimately TBD based on when Paizo offices are fully open and available to review licensee submissions. This is a result of the pandemic shutdown of offices in Washington State.

Pathfinder PDF on DriveThruRPG: If you have received your copy of the game and like what we've designed, please lease us a 5-star review. Positive comments are also greatly appreciated. We are proud of the final product and hope you love it, too. Your help in telling others is critical and we couldn't thank you enough!

5E PDF and Print: We continue to make great progress in development for the 5E version of AtR. Chad has two chapters left to put into playtest, which puts us in great shape to maintain the timeline we've discussed in the last few updates. Development of the insanity system, mutation mechanics, and the multiverse have just recently been moved forward in development and we are very happy with how they are working. We plan to deliver the printed 5E AtR Campaign Setting by November. 

Adventures: The Rusted Portal crew is also busy getting a number of adventures ready for delivery. We are working on updates and finalizing the three adventures unlocked during the Kickstarter ("Dead in the Darklands", "Demon Divided", and "Endless Descent"). Additionally, we will be releasing an updated version of "What's Cooking?" in fully illustrated PDF on DriveThruRPG sometime in July. Each of these games will include pre-gen characters should you just wish to play as level appropriate one-offs.

Truth Transmissions: If that doesn't sound like enough for the time being, the crew has also framed out the goals for the Truth Transmission podcast. Backers unlocked 12 episodes during the social media campaign. Each episode will run 10-15 mins recorded. These are in-world pirate radio broadcasts by operator Truth and others that have picked up the moniker. Truth broadcasts rumors (new adventure hooks) from around the world, shares detailed accounts of events (creatures, locations), and interviews other people within the world to share their stories (world narrative and adventure source material). The big picture goal for the podcast is to publish weekly, creating an immersive game session and providing additional campaign material with lots of narrative and Easter eggs.

Thank you again for your support and sticking with us as we crunched to move Apocalypse the Risen into publication. There are funds available to print, so rest assured as soon as we have all the required pieces in place we will print and ship your beautiful hardcover books!


Donaven - Rusted Portal Games